Choose a project, which you personally feel like you have always wanted to support and enable people from various underdeveloped countries to climb out of poverty.

With enough support, poor people in developing countries can be provided with the boost they need to become self-sufficient and therefore consistently obtain quality healthcare, education, and water.

As a supporter, if you prefer, you can choose which of our projects you particularly want to help so that we can allocate your money specifically to the cause that most touches your heart.

Support your chosen project

Islamic Aid is continually involved in working across a very wide range of projects that are literally helping to save lives and bring people out of poverty for good.

You’ll find all the information about our latest projects on this website. To let us know your particular requests regarding your donations please contact us via You can do this for single or regular donations.

Or you can leave it to us to allocate your money to where it’s most needed at the time.

Working on the ground

By supporting Islamic Aid, you can rest assured that you are helping to fund local projects run by local people. We work directly with those in greatest need on the ground, often even at danger to our own workers. But we can never give up.

Our partner organisations, governments and official bodies recognise and value the fantastic work done by Islamic Aid. None of it would be possible without the support of people like you.

Every year thousands more people are helped through our efforts. Lives are saved, people’s health improved, eyesights restored, livelihoods begun and so much more.

And above all, this is helping people to help themselves. By working to enable people to stand on their own feet, your money is helping people to overcome poverty and look forward to a better future.

Some current projects

Here are just some of our current projects which urgently need support:

  • Sri Lanka: education for nomadic children

  • Pakistan: fresh water for rural schools

  • Bangladesh: healthcare for all

  • Palestine: education for children

  • Somalia: food for the poor