We work to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and disaster and who have no one else to turn to.

Having grown up in one of the poorest areas of Pakistan, our Founder and Chairman saw first hand how poverty can ruin people’s lives and deprive children of the hope of a decent future.

We are currently looking for Program Managers, Digital Marketing Manager, Fundraising Managers, Program Officers, Fundraising Officers and Graduate Trainees.

We seek a world where poverty and suffering have been overcome and people live in dignity, independence and freedom.

We are accountable to the Charity Commission and its regulations as is necessary for us to operate as a charity in the United Kingdom. We are also accountable to the host governments in countries where we operate.

100% Policy means, every penny given goes to help the poor. Last year, for every £1 you gave we spent £1.10 on our work with poor people.

Islamic Aid was established in 2000 to seek to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty.

Due to regular donations totaling £770 over five years, Tahira’s family was turned from one facing starvation into a family that can provide for themselves and contribute to their community

Thanks to our unpaid volunteers, very efficient and low cost administration and fundraising and the tax we reclaim from the HM Revenue and Customs – 100% of every single penny received goes directly to the cause.

What we do? Where our funds come from? What makes us different? Can you volunteer overseas?

We are committed to high standards. We are honest and open. We are clear. We are respectful. We are fair and reasonable. We are accountable